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Contracts with Clark Exterminating

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Many times, the first time people think to call an exterminator is only after they notice a pest infestation in their home or office. And even then, sometimes it is usually after they’ve attempted taking care of the problem themselves and been unsuccessful at removing the infestation. The truth of the matter is that pest infestations can damage your property, create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your family, and contaminate your home. The best way to eliminate an unwanted infestation in your home is to hire a professional that can find the source, determine the cause and eliminate the infestation once and for all. And of course, for safe, lasting extermination, a contract can help ensure the infestation never comes back.

Pest Management Contracts

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How To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
It is finally summertime!

A time of travel and a time of relaxation in the form of a vacation is about to come your way. Right now you could be planning what to pack and picking out your hotel accommodations, and dreaming of sticking your toes in some sand. But before you wrap up that checklist, let’s talk about a common pest issue that could affect your entire home after the vacation is over. 

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Protect Your Pets!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

During the summer, it is not unheard of for people to use various pesticides in and around their homes to help fight the inevitable horde of insects and other pests that will try to invade during the warmer weather months. Most of these household pesticides can be toxic, not just to the pests that we are trying to eliminate, but also to our household pets.    Read More . . .

Termite Contracts with Clark Exterminating

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A termite bond contract is a service contract with an extermination company or another professional service with specific expertise in termite control that usually lasts for at least one calendar year. There is a common misconception in Arkansas that it is state law to have a termite control contract in place to either sell or buy a home, but this is untrue.    Read More . . .

How to Keep Your Yard Pest Free for Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 14, 2018

Memorial Day weekend is coming up soon, along with the usual plans for all kinds of fun outdoor activities, especially barbecues. But along with all of the festivities come all of the usual uninvited guests such as mosquitoes, flies, and wasps.   Read More . . .

Bye, Bye Mosquitos!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

When it's summertime in Arkansas, the mosquitos will come out to play . . . and bite! If you live here, you know mosquitos are no joke. These pests are annoying, make us itch, and can transmit serious diseases. We believe in providing you and your family with the absolute best pest control.   Read More . . .

How to Protect Against Ants in Arkansas

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Arkansas is known for being the Natural State. Our natural namesake means Arkansas is full of the great outdoors, beautiful rivers and lakes, gorgeous mountains and trees, as well as . . . you guessed it – BUGS! As the weather gets warmer, pesky critters like ants come out of hiding and make their way into our homes.    Read More . . .

All About Bunnies

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

With Spring in the air and spring animals out to play, we thought that April was the perfect time to talk about all things bunnies - the ideal Spring animal we all love! Hence, the Easter Bunny. Here are ten fun facts that you may not know about bunnies:   Read More . . .

March Madness: Insects vs. Rodents

Monday, March 19, 2018

March Madness is in full swing and the excitement continues as we head deeper into the NCAA Tournament. Here at Clark Exterminating we may deal with bugs all day, but we have a competitive nature, too. Our Clark team decided to jump feet first into March Madness with our very own bracket: insects vs. rodents. Pick your favorite match up and which pest you think could win it all!   Read More . . .

Why DIY Pest Control Doesn’t Always Work

Monday, March 05, 2018

If you are a homeowner, you probably take pride in solving problems around the house. You can certainly repaint a bedroom, but you probably shouldn’t attempt to rewire your electrical sockets without professional guidance. The same goes for pest control. Some insect problems are definitely bigger than a simple DIY project. Our team at Clark Exterminating has put together this helpful list: “10 Signs That it’s Time to Call the Pros.”   Read More . . .

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