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Differences Between Ant and Termite Swarmers

Friday, March 29, 2019

A swarm of termites is every homeowner’s nightmare, and often the first noticeable sign of a termite infestation. But, are your eyes deceiving you? You might be surprised to learn that homeowners often mistake flying ants for flying termites due to their similar physical characteristics. The professionals at Clark Exterminating are here to help you accurately identify the pests you’re dealing with, and remove them from your home for good.

Appearance is Everything

Damage Control

Flying ants often make their homes in damp or rotting wood, but can also be found in dry wood. They often feed on seeds, debris inside the home and nectar, and burrow into wood to create nests (which causes damage over time).

On the other hand, termites thrive in a variety of areas. They build colonies in soil, locating wood below the ground. Termite workers also build mud tubes to travel up to wooden structures above ground, and these can be difficult to find if they’re hidden beneath your home. Other termites set up shop in undecayed wood in spaces such as the attic. These pests infamously feed on wood, and this can directly cause serious structural damage to your home if left untreated.


If you think flying ants or termites are making your home theirs, call Clark Exterminating today. Our technicians will locate the source of the problem, and save your home from any further damages. We also offer termite inspections, including pre-construction treatments, post-construction treatments and renewable termite contracts.

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