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A Garden Guide to Help Ward Off the Pests of Fall

Monday, September 17, 2018

In just a few days fall will be here, along with its own crop of seasonal pests guaranteed to destroy your fall outdoor plants and/or activities. Pests such as rodents stink bugs, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, as well as several other crop-ruining pests will soon be taking place of the mosquitos, fleas, wasps, and the rodents of summer.

Here at Clark Exterminating, we have come up with a list of plants to plant this fall that can help to ward off many of the types of pests you can expect to start seeing around your yard.


There are several herbs that can be planted in the fall that can help not only keep some pests out of your yard but also help to ward off the type of pests that can ruin fall crops. Here is a list of several and the pests that they help deter:

BasilRepels mosquitoes, flies, and hornworms.

Dill – Repels squash bugs, cabbage worms, mites, and aphids, also helps improve growth in cabbage family plants.

Mint – Repels ants and cabbage moths.

Chives – Repels aphids.

Sage – Repels cabbage moth and carrot flies.

Rosemary – Repels cabbage moth, carrot flies, and mosquitoes.

Oregano – Repels cabbage moth.

Thyme – Repels cabbage moth.


Not only do flowers add extra color to your landscape, but certain types of fall flowers can also help to deter those pesky pests from invading your yard. Here are a few you may want to plant this season:

Marigolds - Repels beetles, nematodes, and tomato worms

Tansy - Repels cabbage worms, cutworms, squash bugs, and ants

Zinnias - Lure predator bugs such as ladybugs that eat destructive pests

Nasturtium - Repels beetles as well as aphids and squash bugs.

Companion Vegetables:

There are several types of vegetables that can be planted that will help to protect your other garden crops. Here are a few:

Radishes - Draw leaf miners away from spinach

Chives - deter aphids that feed on lettuce and other leafy greens

Onions - During the fall plant them around carrots to protect against carrot root maggot flies.

Garlic - used as companion plants to repel lettuce-eating aphids

Of course, it is always a great idea to begin your fall gardening by getting rid of all pests before you begin planting new seeds. Call Clark Exterminating to help eradicate garden pests from your yard today by contacting us online or by phone at any of our locations:

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